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    Urgent, help me please!

      Hi all,


      I'm an safeboot user, the safeboot version is 5.1, and my laptop is Lenovo thinkpad X200.


      While installing the safeboot, unfortunately I could not logon the machine again, the safeboot show error: Invalid authentication parameters(It seems like that).


      Then I call my company support center, they send to me an image file. I built a floppy using rawwirte and use this floppy to start my computer, it's failure. But I use this floopy to start another computer(Lenovo thinkpad X61), it works.


      So I exchanged the HD between the X200 and X61, and start the X61 computer, input the valid code and execute "Authenticate from database", selected the SDB file, but the safetech show error "Extract file error(It seems like that)".


      Anyone can help me? Thanks a lot!

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          You should continue working with your company support center.

          There is possibility that they send you malformed SDB file.

          If you want to continue here, please write exact spelling of messages that you are getting and describe precisely all steps that you take.

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            Another question:


            Why my computer can not boot using the safetech(Version, and my computer is Lenovo Thinkpad X200(150G HD, 4G Memory). Nor error message.


            Anyone has the same problem?


            And where I can download the latest version of SafeTech?

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              OK, now I can boot my computer using SafeTech(V


              But when I try execute "Authenticate from Database", and select the SDB file, show "unable to extract the key from that machine object" error message!


              Anyone can help me?


              Thanks a lot!

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                Don't use "rawwrite" to create SafeTech floppy. Proper procedure is to use:

                EEM -> "Recovery" tab -> "Create SafeTech boot disk"

                Then export machine object information to it:

                EEM -> navigate to and select machine object -> Right-Click on it -> "Export configuration" -> deselect users and files options -> save exported info as SDB file on a floppy. Do not write protect floppy after that.

                Then, move SafeTech floppy to your affected computer and boot from it.



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