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    I do NOT want to be "Fully Protected", but how???

      I have chosen "update manually" in the advanced menu, but McAfee continues to send me ANNOYING reminders that my computer is not fully protected and that I should update. Is my mother working for McAfee?

      How do I stop these annoying reminders? I'm fine with going for a few weeks withnout the latest greatest virus data files and not scanning my computer for viruses. Yes ... I know ... I'm living dangerously. When I buy a cup of coffee I don't need a reminder on the cup telling me it's hot. When I buy a toaster I don't need a reminder telling me not to use it in the bathtub. When I'm using my computer, I don't need mutiple reminders everyday that my virus files are out of date. Please HELP!!!!


      As I said, I have chosen manual updates. I've also scoured the configuration menus trying to find some way of turning these reminders off. I can't find it. Is there a way to stop these reminders, short of letting McAfee have it's way with me and my computer and update whenever it feels that I'm in "danger".


      Lastly, I have the "free" version of McAfee that comes with my internet provider (Comcast). Maybe if I pay for the McAfee program it will give me the option to be left alone in peace?




      - Simon

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          You can avoid prompts if you turn off scheduled scanning but you cannot avoid them if you turn off updates because the SecurityCenter polls for updates every 4 hours and usually does a physical update once daily.

          In this day and age of multiple new threats appearing daily, that isn't surprising.

          I suggest that, if you don't want updates to install automatically, you set it to notify you that they are at least available.  I also suggest that you update at least once a day or there really isn't much point in keeping protection software on hand.

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            Ex-Brit -


            Thank you for answering my question. I'll try turning automatic updates back on. Maybe McAfee "full protection" will be less annoying?


            I don't like software (or people) that pesters me to do something. If I only got one "reminder" a day that I'm not "fully protected", I think that would be sufficient. McAfee interrupts my work with multiple reminders every day. Each one deciding that it should dominate the lower right portion of my computer display until I stop doing what I want to do and do what the McAfee wants me to do. In all honesty, I find this not only unnecessary but annoying and, quite frankly, rude!


            McAfee has forgotten the most basic fact of computer use - It's MY computer, not theirs! Generally in the computer industry, this has become more and more of a problem as one purchases new software and then finds it has installed certain features that aren't wanted and slow computer performance.


            Well ... so much for "personal" computing.


            - Simon

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              With appropriate settings McAfee needn't ever interrupt you unless it detects malware.


              What alerts are you objecting to exactly?



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                Ex_Brit -


                Thanks for following up on my last post. Here's my situation:


                1. I have two laptop commuters. My computer run's Windows XP. My wife's computer (newer) runs Windows Vista. I have the same problem with annoying McAfee reminders on both computers.


                2. Comcast is my internet service provider. They provide McAfee as part of their service at no extra charge.


                3. I have turned scheduled scanning OFF on both computers. In the advanced configuration menu, I've checked ...


                "Disable automatic updates and allow me [to] manually check for updates."


                4. I get two types of annoying reminders from McAfee that appear in the lower right portion of the display.

                a. "Your computer is not fully protected." It provides two choices "fix" or "OK".

                b. "Your software is out of date." (or something to that effect). I get a pulled down menu with "update now" in the window, along with an OK button. If I pull down the window, I can choose "Remind me later". To McAfee, "remind me later" means remind me in an hour or two.

                If I ignore the reminder it just stays there until I click on one of the its buttons.


                5. I have scoured the advanced menus to find something that will turn these pesky things off. The closest option I can find is on the Alert menu, I can uncheck the box "Show virus advisories or other security messages." I do NOT want to uncheck this box because I DO want an alert about a potentially unsafe situation. That's why I have the software.


                6. If I give in and let McAfee update my files, I will get MAYBE a few days of peace before the whole process starts over again.


                Any suggestions?


                Lastly, this type of thing is a growing trend in "personal" computing. Almost every piece of software I download (free or for-a-fee) thinks it's the most important software on my computer. I am constantly getting messages about updates. Often this is a company's opportunity to sell me something new (Wouldn't I like to get the "new advanced version" for only $$$?) or force me to look at their revenue generating advertising.


                I think a lot of people have the same experience as I do ... Buy a new computer. Overtime, download various software programs that run background processes that slow down the computer and interrupt my work. When the performance gets unbearable, spend hours trying to get rid of programs you don't want/need ... or ... just buy a new computer and start over again. Maybe that's the whole point? I might apologize for the cynicism, but I think it very well may be on target.


                Sorry about the rant ... I'm old enough to remember punch cards and paper tape. But that was back in the day when I told the computer what to do, not the other way around.


                - Simon



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                  That's the nature of the beast as they say.  The internet these days is getting very dangerous and software makers err on the side of caution.


                  If you don't want the reminders then you may as well not use the software, as simple as that.  As I said, if you don't let it update then it will remind you of that, which to me is perfectly logical as out of date software is next to useless anyway with 100's of new threats appearing daily.


                  You can turn off the reminder that a scan hasn't been conducted for 30 days.   You'll see that option on the pop-up itself.



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                    Ex-Brit -


                    Once again, I appreciate you taking the time to thoughtfully reply to my "irritation".


                    I respectfully disagree with your comment that I might as well not use the software. I don't think this situation is a matter of necessity if McAfee was a little more considerate of users preferences. If I didn't want virus pertection I wouldn't be asking my question. I do want virus protection, but, given my internet/file use habits, I do not need perfect protection "fully protected" every moment of every day. I don't want my computer trying to install updates while I'm in the middle of editing a large photo file in Photoshop. I want the computer to do what I want it to do - edit my photo. The situation is even worse if I allow it to scan my disk for viruses while I'm trying to do disk intensive activities.


                    McAfee on my computer is about two weeks out of date, but the out of date files protect me agains 99.9999 ... percent of threats. I'll get an additional 0.00001 percent protection if I allow McAfee to update and scan my computer every time it wants.


                    Lastly, even if McAfee feels it has a fiduciary duty to remind me of my personal failings, isn't it enough to remind me once a day? The thing that computers do best is "compute" and I believe McAfee has the ability to write it's software so that it only reminds me once a day. Instead, they want to remind me every few hours.


                    Your suggestion that I turn automatic updates back on is a good one and I will do that. I'll keep scheduled scans off. I appreciate your help in this regard. I will agree with you that all of this is in the nature of the "beast". I just wish McAfee would allow me the option of making it a less annoying "beast".




                    - Simon

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                      I do see your point.  On my rig I have auto-updates on but have told it not to tell me again when it updates, so I never see that prompt unless it requires a reboot of course.


                      I haven't run a scan in several weeks and haven't seen any prompts on that.


                      Play with your settings some more and hopefully a happy medium can be reached.