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    Cannot download or get on internet

      I recently was downloading McAfee and it required me to uninstall Norton.  When I uninstalled Norton the downloading stopped and I was kicked off the internet.  I am now unable to get onto the Internet from the computer.  Any idea how to get back on the internet?

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          To diagnose the reason that you are unable to connect with internet , I would suggest logging into the computer in safe mode with networking as most of the programs would be disabled in this mode by which we could trace out the problem.

          Restart the computer and start tapping the F8 key, from the windows boot options menu select safe mode with networking and press enter.

          Once you have reached the desktop try whether you could log on to the internet.










          Dinesh K

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            Hi ny-law,

            Can you specify do you have trouble installing the program or the updates.

            Please let me know what is the error message you receive if you are unable to updates.

            Run mcafee virtual technician from http://mvt.mcafee.com and post the session id so that I could review your installed mcafee components











            Dinesh K

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              I recently removed a malware from my computer. I can connect to the web (through Skype) but am unable to connect to browser. My Mcafee says 'error' but I cannot download or erase the faulty version, as I can only browse in safe mode.


              Any advice?


              (Restoring the system - restore points don't go back far enough to before my computer was invaded)



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                This seems to be still a malware infection, If you are able to login to safe mode with networking, try to update mcafee and run a full scan and check whether there exists any malware infection in the computer ?









                Dinesh K

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                  I haven't been able to run a full Mcafee scan due to 'error in start up.' I think it's corrupted. After that happened I uninstalled and then  resinstalled Mcafee. This was successful in safe mode.  However it said it couldn't carry out an anti-virus scan. I've tried downloading the virtual technician but can't do this in safe mode.


                  Any other suggestions?




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                    Check whether you logged in as administrator in safe mode with networking ?


                    If not not once again turn off the computer


                    and get into safe mode with networking and login as administrator


                    and check whether you are able to update and perform full scan


                    still face the problem follw the below solution :


                    1. Download the Stinger tool from the link below:

                    2. Double-click Stinger and select Preferences.
                    3. Enable the Report Applications option.
                    4. Click OK.
                    5. Click Scan Now and allow the scan to complete.

                      NOTE: During the scan, you may receive a clean error during on certain .cab files. Ignore the error and allow the scan to complete. The files will be removed when the system is restarted.
                    6. Restart your computer.
                    7. Run Stinger again using the steps above.


                    Once the scan is over it wil display the result.


                    Read the result and follow back in case the issue  exist


                    WITH REGARDS