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    ePO 4.5 and Summary Report Generation

      I'm new to ePO and have been using the Reporting Wizard.  I would like to generate SUMMARY reports without having to export the data to Excel.  Things like a DAT report that shows me all the DAT versions with the total agents at that version.


      5800     10000

      5799     9999

      5798     500


      that type of thing, but I don't see how you can COUNT things like THREAT, or other character data.  Is there a way to use ePO to do this?


      If I can get past this, I have a lot of things I'd like to automatically schedule and then e-mail.  I tried the canned reports, but this is also a "learning" excerise.  Anyone?

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          I may be missing something, but what you're describing sounds pretty much like the VSE Dat Deployment report - this is a pie chart report that groups clients by their dat version.


          Is this not suitable?


          Regards -



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            I would like to use the TABLE format so I can receive a e-mail automatically, and not have to go to the ePO unless I need to...  Seems if there was a "COUNT" option in the drop down box, that would help many...  The charts are fine, as long as you go into them; I would like as much automatation as possible, and this seems like a piece of "low-hanging fruit"...    I think I a lot of ePO users would benefit from this, it would speed up the process by eliminating the in-between steps.  Am I missing something?


            When I use the TABLE option, I get a very long list of every individual agent, and the DAT version.  What I want is a few lines showing me the progress.  Something I can copy/paste in to a report, or react to if I think there is a problem...


            Better?  *^)



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              That makes more sense


              You don't have to be in Table format in order to automatically mail a report - you only have to be in Table mode if you want to run an automation task that takes action on machines found as the result of query (for example moving them to a new group, and so on.) You should be able to mail  the "standard" report types in whatever format you prefer - HTML, PDF or CSV.

              If you create a new server task to run a query, you  can then select "email file" as a sub-action.


              Does that help?


              Regards -



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                Thanks for the "other" reply as well...  I think we understand now.  I need the option to summarize (COUNT) things using the TABLE format, and then e-mail then, or whatever.  The e-mail is not important, what is important is getting summary type information so decisions can be made, direction taken, or reports given to management - easily...   Looking forward to your reply! 



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                  Am i right that you want a summary of the DAT-versions and how many clients use this DAT?!





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                    Yes, that is exactly what I want, in TABLE format, not a PIE chart.   I also want to know how to do summaries in general for other queries that I have in mind.  I don't want to have to come and transfer the data to Excel or Access and do more work just to see the results...





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                      Hey man lets see if this suggestion works for what you need.


                      In the dashboard go to queries. Edit the query for VSE: DAT Deployment. On the let hand side window pane choose the last option table. Run the report this shouw give you the data you looking for in a table type chart.


                      You can add an automated task to email the contents in  CSV, HTML, PDF, or XML.




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                        Hello WIlliam - Yes...  which is exactly what I want to avoid.  I want to come into the office, or be wherever, and get the reports without have to save them to any format.  I want ePO to generate the report...  Just summaries the data for me...    If something looks odd, I will dig into it from there.  It seems that things like "COUNT", basic to a summary, are not available and to do this, I have to 1) generate the report, 2) transfer the information to something else (Excel / Access), 3) use something else to get what I want....   I think I described it correctly...

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                          Ok, i had no time today - sorry - if you want it like in the attached *.pdf, i can explain you tomorrow.



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