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    Problem with SnapGear router forwarding SSL Port



      I'm having trouble setting up our business server with SG560 router. We are using Windows Server 2003 with IIS 6.0. The HTTP with port 80 works perfect which is port forwarded on the router. But when I try to use SSL, the router does not forward the port I used (port 8888). I have disabled every kind of firewall on the server.


      The IP address is


      When I access it with HTTP, it works fine. But anytime I use SSL, it just gives me connection timeout. Both ports are forwarded exactly the same.


      I think something is blocking it because everytime I try to access the SSL port, the router registered the access as a hit. But on my server log, there is only access of HTTP and no HTTPS logs at all.


      Does anyone know what the problem is?



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          Hi Pandazzz123, has your issue resolved? If not, hopefully a product expert can help you soon.

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            There is nothing particularly special about https/ssl forwarding. so it should just work.

            chances are you are just missing a field somewhere. eg. https is usually port 443, so if you didn't remap 8888 to 443 in the port-forward rule, could be that IIS-6 is never getting the incoming traffic on the port its expecting it to arrive on. Or perhaps you forgot to include 8888 in the URLs to your site? ie. https://your.site:8888

            otherwise https will got to 443 by default, and you'd need to set up a port-forward for 443 to 'somewhere'.

            There are endless possibilities to plug things in slightly askew. tcpdump / network traffic / Diagnostic->Packet Capture might well tell you what is arriving/being-forwarded where and help you debug it.


            Or just take a Technical Support Report and forward it to support, they'll soon sort you out.