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    virusscan console blank

      I just installed VirusScan 8.7i (patch 2) w/ AntiSpyware on a new virtual machine.  When I launch the console, it shows up blank.  There are no tasks to configure, its just an empty window.


      Has anyone seen this? I've uninstalled and re-installed. Same issue.



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          Very peculiar


          Do you see the console menu buttons and menu options, or is the entire window blank as if not drawn completely?


          For the scenario where you see the console but no console content, something is corrupting the installation.

          Each of the items you normally see in the console has a corresponding *cpl.dll file in the VirusScan Enterprise folder. Additionally, the console only displays those DLLs with valid signatures. So if the files are present, the signature check is failing. You may have a file infector.


          For the second scenario, you should verify that other applications can be opened and viewed properly, such as Internet Explorer. It sounds like Explorer.exe is having issues painting, and the only features to interact with Explorer are ScriptScan and Buffer Overflow protection - try disabling them.


          If you're still getting nowhere it would be best to work with a Support person.