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    Virus removal



      I have mcafee total protection 2009. I want to ask when there is a virus/worm/trojan found on my computer and Mcafee quarantines the file, is it actually moving the file to a special place?


      And when I click on "remove", is it deleting my file or is it removing the virus/worm/trojon only?



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          Hi Aaskl,


          When a file is quarantined, there are 3 things that VirusScan does to render the file virtually harmless.


          1. The file is encrypted with an algorithm that can only be decrypted by VirusScan.
          2. The extension of the file is changed to .VIR and the file is locked.
          3. The file is moved to the quarantine directory.




          Rakesh P

          McAfee Technical Support

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            All quarantined files are moved in a diff folder where they are in a dormant state where they can cause ur system no further harm


            U can go delete them by followin these steps:


            1. Open the McAfee Security Centre.

            2. Under Common tasks, click on, "Advance Menu".

            3. "Restore", click on that. Up top click on, "Files". On the right will be a list of all quarantined files. Just check on, the ones you wish to remove, and select the remove option at the bottom right of that window.


            If done with this option the files are being removed from the system


            or u can do so manually from


            C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\McAfee\VirusScan\Quarantine.


            If using this option best to delete from the Recycle Bin as well

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              Sorry for my ignorance, but where is the "clean" tool?


              So far in using mcafee i haven't seen the work "clean". My files are always quarantined and then removed. Can't Mcafee clean viruses instead of removing them? Or are the ones quaranteed unable to be cleaned?



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                Hi aaskl,

                When an infected file cannot be cleaned by VirusScan, it can happen when the update needed to clean that file is either not yet available or has not yet been downloaded. And for your additional information, quarantining isolates and neutralizes the file, protecting your system and other files until the proper update can be downloaded. And as mentioned in earlier posts, when mcafee quarantines a file , the file is encrypted with an algorithm that can only be decrypted by VirusScan thereby causing no harm to the computer by that particular file which is been quarantined.






                Dinesh K

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                  so in other words Mcafee automatically quaranteens the file if it is unable to clean it (it automatically trieds to clean it first before quaranteening the file). The reason I'm asking is because I've used other anti-virus and they always give us the option to clean it or quarantin it.