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    DLP reporting query?

      we are using DLP version


      I want to run a query/report that will return all entries etc. for a USB memory stick with a specific vendor id/product id or any other way that makes it unique.  can anyone please advise how this can be done?



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          Did you ever get an answer to this?


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            If you have an ePO-Server connected you can build a Query over all these USB Memory Stick that are connected.

            If you are interested in the Syntax, i will retrieve it....



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              If you have it I would very much appreciate it. We have been hitting our heads against the wall trying to figure out a way. Thank you.

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                This is how I solved the issue. You can add to it by joining the table over and over again, to itself.


                SELECT [ComputerName]

                , UserName





                      ,ETV1.[EvidenceValue] AS VID

                ,ETV2.[EvidenceValue] As PID

                ,ETV3.[EvidenceValue] AS Volume_Label

                  FROM [ePO_HQS-IS-EPOL].[dbo].[DLP_EvidenceTypeAndValue] ETV1, [ePO_HQS-IS-EPOL].[dbo].[DLP_EvidenceTypeAndValue] ETV2, [ePO_HQS-IS-EPOL].[dbo].[DLP_EvidenceTypeAndValue] ETV3

                  INNER JOIN [ePO_HQS-IS-EPOL].[dbo].[DLP_EventView] EV ON  EV.EventRowID = ETV3.[EventRowID]

                  WHERE ETV1.[EventRowID] = ETV2.[EventRowID] AND ETV1.[EventRowID] = ETV3.[EventRowID]

                  AND ETV1.EvidenceType = 'Vendor_ID' AND ETV2.EvidenceType = 'Product_ID'  AND ETV3.EvidenceType =  'Volume_Label'

                  AND EventType = '10000'

                  ORDER BY EventRowID