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    Troubleshooting why a mail policy has not triggered

    Attila Polinger



      to test a given scenario we defined a new mail policy that should trigger when a mail recipient is a given user (policy has one criterion only: "Recipient email address is X@domain.com"). We sent several test mails to this recipient only. We checked the Reposts on the appliance that received the test mail.

      Yet, it seems that this policy does not trigger; instead, the policy, that this test policy is based on triggers instead. It is shown in Reporting\Detail view, when filtered on this test user only as recipient. The base policy has one policy criterion only: all incoming mails should activate it.


      The test policy is the topmost one and the policy that triggers is some 5 policies below it.


      Is there a means other than test mails to troubleshoot why a given policy triggers and why not the other (when potentially the "other" should have triggered) ? Maybe the appliance logs why a policy triggered over the other?