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    EEFF 3.2.4 Upgrade EERM Client


      Just upgraded a test client to EEFF 3.2.4 and tried to upgrade the EERM client on a test USB stick as described in the EEFF 3.2.4 Release Notes (page 4) by "simply copy the file MfeEERM.exe ... and replace the corresponding file on the EERM-protected device."


      This process does not work on a machine with EEFF installed -- you get an "Access denied" message when you try to replace MfeEERM.exe in the "Unprotected Files" folder on the USB stick. In fact, the "Unprotect Files" folder is protected (despite the name) on a machine with EEFF installed -- you can't delete the exe.


      Am I missing something or are the instructions in the Release Notes wrong?