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    Packet Capture

      Device: SecureComputing/SG570 Version 3.1.5u4


      I need to do a long running packet capture to watch for an event... obviously there is limited memory for capturing packets.  My question is if I start to fill that RAM will:


      a. The capture stop.

      b. The capture discard old packets and accept new packets.

      c. The capture step all over memory used for other things.

      d. Something else


      Thanks - J

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          option c


          It will fill /var/tmp, filling the temp filesystem, PIDs will no longer be created, and the system will fall over.

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            Not the anser I hoped for but definately good to know.  Thank you!



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              Do you have a linux box on your network ?


              I know there are funky ways to pipe data via netcat and others to get a tcpdump writing to a remote server.

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                No just windows... I've used Wireshark to capture on the server but capturing on the firewall has proven more useful since we can see VPN traffic, etc.

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                  if you have an ssh client, this will give you all the traffic on the box

                     ssh root@utm-device "tcpdump -s1500 -ni any -w - ! port 22" > all.pcap

                  the port-22 bit avoid you logging the packets belonging to the ssh session itself.

                  ssh with blowfish is supposed to be faster: ssh -c blowfish ....


                  ssh for windows is easy to get via cygwin.org, or you can use putty, which provides the 'plink' command-line utility.

                  ie. crank a cmd.exe 'command' shell (Run -> cmd.exe) or similar.


                    plink root@utm-device "......." > capture.pcap

                  It may say "Using keyboard-interactive authentication" but not give you an actual password prompt as such - just type the password at that stage and it should be fine.


                  You could open a port on the device to spit out the relevant capture.

                  BEWARE - DANGER - CAREFUL!!!

                  This does require some care to make sure you are not providing tcpdump capabilities to the internet of course, so use some appropriate firewall rules with this.


                  edit /etc/config/inetd.conf
                      2001 stream tcp nowait root /bin/tcpdump -n -i eth1 -w -

                  [put your favorite tcpdump command in there of course, this is just a sample]


                  then nc to the device:2001, tcpdump will be kicked off - voila!


                  'nc' is 'netcat' - but any similar tool will do. cygwin has netcat of course - but there are also other ways of getting it on windows I'm sure - google is your friend..



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                    Please excuse my inexperience with this but I'm not getting very far here.  Here's what I did:


                    C:\>plink -ssh root@ "tcpdump -s1500 -ni any -w - ! port 22"


                    I kept the >capture.pcap redirect off for now so I could see the output but after about 15 seconds I get this message:

                    FATAL ERROR: Network error: Network is unreachable


                    Not sure why it wouldn't be reachable... it's configured as my gateway and is pingable.

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                      ssh root@ "tcpdump -s 1500 -ni any ! port 22"


                      works for me where is the UTM LAN IP


                      Toms's example


                      ssh root@ "tcpdump -s 1500 -ni any -w - ! port 22" > all.pcap


                      writes out in pcap format so wireshark can read it if you prefer.


                      Try the lines above...I fixed a typo

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                        Thank you for all your help... I still got the same error when it dawned on me that the firewall might be rejecting the connection.  Checked the incoming access and sure enough SSH was off so I turned that on for LAN access and got further than I had before:


                        C:>plink -v -ssh root@"tcpdump -s 1500 -ni any -w - ! port 22" > all.pcap
                        Server version: SSH-2.0-OpenSSH_3.7.1p2
                        We claim version: SSH-2.0-PuTTY_Release_0.60
                        Using SSH protocol version 2
                        Keyboard-interactive authentication refused
                        Sent password
                        Access granted
                        Opened channel for session
                        Started a shell/command
                        tcpdump: socket: Operation not permitted
                        Server sent command exit status 1
                        Disconnected: All channels closed


                        As highlighted in the output I'm getting this error: tcpdump: socket: Operation not permitted


                        Any thoughts?

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                          Hi there,


                          I just tried to reproduce your problem without any success - are you using the actual root user, or a different username and sanitizing the output here?  Using a different user could certainly lead to this sort of problem, even if they otherwise have admin access.


                          Incidentally, if you want to avoid having to type the password in without a prompt all the time, use the "-pw passwordgoeshere" switch for plink.




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