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    How can I launch internet explorer without having to disable McAfee virus scan?

      I have McAfee v9.15 and IE7 and windows XP.  I just renewed my subscription to McAfee, and ever since the install, internet explorer will not launch without a workaround.  If I disable McAfee virus scan, internet explorer launches fine.  Also, once internet explorer has successfully launched after disabling virus scan, I can enable the virus scan and can continue to use the launched browser without issues (although I cannot successfully launch a new browser without disabling virus scan again).


      I did discuss this issue with the help desk.  They had me uninstall McAfee stating that there were issues since I did not uninstall McAfee prior to renewing my subscription(!).  After uninstalling McAfee the help desk told me to reinstall myself since my internet was running slow (which it had been since my renewal McAfee installation).  I reinstalled McAfee myself, and continue to experience the indentical problems I had prior to calling the help desk.


      I have tried all the usual recommended things to troubleshoot - launching internet explorer with add-ons turned off, resetting internet explorer, cleaning out temporary files, and checking the configuration within McAfee to make sure that IE is set for full access.


      Any ideas of other things to try?  I could upgrade my IE7 to IE8 to see if that helps, but I should mention that I did upgrade to IE8 after my intial McAfee renewal installation caused problems with the internet browser launching hoping that would solve my IE issues.  When it didn't (and I saw a lot of chatter about IE8 compatibility issues), I uninstalled IE8 and reverted back to IE7.  However I have not tried upgrading to IE8 again since I reinstalled McAfee.

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