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    Windows 7 Action Center reports incorrectly McAfee Virusscan Enterprise as turned off - Does anyone have a solution?

      I installed Virusscan Enterprise right after installing Windows 7 on my PC and it worked fine with no problems for the past two months. Since last Friday the Windows 7 Action Center claims that Virusscan Enterprise is turned off and asks that it be turned on. However, the McAfee Virusscan console shows that all features are enabled (i.e. nothing is turned off). I also downloaded, installed and ran McAfee Virtual Technician, which reported no problems with Virusscan Enterprise. So it appears that this may be a communication problem between Virusscan Enterprise and the Windows 7 Action Center. It is an annoying problem though, because every few minutes the Action Center notification windows pops up on the bottom of my screen telling me to "Turn on McAfee Virusscan Enetrprise". By the way, if I go ahead and click on the notification window, as instructed, to turn on Virusscan and proceed with all the steps, nothing much happens. No error messages but a few minuts later the same notifictaion window pops up. I did a search and found out that others have reported this problem and described it as a communications issue between Virusscan Enterprise and the Windows 7 Action Center. The "solution" proposed was to uncheck the "Spyware and related protection" box in the Action Center settings (Control panel -> System and Security -> Action Center -> Change Action Center settings); this was supposed to stop the frequent annoying "Turn on..." messages, but it hasn't.

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