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    Cannot deploy agent to machines since moving to agent 4 patch 3

      Running EPO 4.5

      Virusscan enterprise


      Mcafee agent


      I recently upgraded from mcafee agent 4 patch 2 to mcafee agent 4 patch 3 to deploy the agent to windows 7 machines. When installing the extension I got an error about credentials. After a reboot of the server I was able to install the extension fine and I also checked in the package successfully. I'm not sure if the credentials issue has anything to do with the deployment problem but it has cropped up again since when I was getting assistance from mcafee support. (Again a reboot resolved the issue???)

      Having done this I was unable to deploy the agent to any new machines, xp or 7, and I was also not able to update the agent on any of the already managed machines. Mcafee support managed to fix the issue for the managed machine, simply by removing and reinstalling the extension and package. However I still cannot deploy to any unmanaged machines. I can copy framepkg.exe to the new machine and install it successfully and it communicates fine with the epo server but I need to be able to deploy the agent from the epo server also.


      I have since upgraded to mcafee agent 4.5 as suggested by support but the issue is still the exact same. All previosly managed machines updated fine but cannot deploy to new machines.


      Sorry the post is so long winded, any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.