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    Scriptrunner/Autodomain etc

      After updating to EEC from 5.1.9 and creating a new install set scriptrunner doesn't seem to be kicking off autodomain.vbs and more.


      I did more than just update EEC to I also created new filegroups.

      I am using 3 file groups now instead of just 1


      1 for scriptrunner with ini file and script runner - scriptrunner.exe is set to "Post-Installation Helper Executable"

      1 for sbadmcl and related dll's

      1 for the actual autodomain script and the ini file for it


      I changed how it setup because management decided they wanted to have the sbadmcl command on the clients but didn't want the autodomain.vbs and autodomain.ini file to stay after client installation.


      Everything seems to be present on the client but the autodomain script doesn't run automatically any more.