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    How to disable SecurityCenter completely?

      Hi, I have the following installed that I get free from my ISP O2 with free lifetime updates.


      MacAfee Security Centre: Version 9.15 Build: 9.15.160

      VirusScan: Version: 13.15 Build: 13.15.113

      Personal Firewall: Version: 10.15 Build: 10.15.106

      SiteAdvisor: Version: 3.0 Build:

      Anti-Spam: Version: 10.15 Build: 10.15.106

      Parental Controls: Version: 11.15 Build: 11.15.102

      EasyNetwork: Version: 3.15 Build: 3.15.100

      Backup and Restore: Version: 3.15 Build: 3.15.100



      Operating System


      Windows System : Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate 6.00.6002 (Service Pack 2)

      Platform Compliance : x64




      I want to know how to disable the entire suite completely, ive tried everything, I went into security centre and turned off/disabled everything in the configuration, ive even ran services.msc from the run command in vista and stopped each MacAfee service manually ive done all this in both normal mode and safe mode but it just doesn’t disable it completely.



      I just need to turn everything off for a few minutes, I have a rar file on my pc I need to extract (I know the file is not a virus MacAfee is just reporting it as one) *it’s a false positive I know that for a fact* but I cant extract it because macafee keeps deleting it all the time even tho I disable everything, but obviously there must be something still running.



      I really hope this can be disabled temporarily, because I feel if I uninstall Security Center completely I will have no choice to switch to some other security as this happens quite a lot with me which is very annoying.




      Hope someone has a solution to my problem, will look forward to hearing your ideas.


      Kind regards




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