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    Creating EPO distributed repository on OES SLES

      Hi all,


      I'm wanting to setup a distributed repository on a OES SLES box.


      What is the best practice or what have others done? I'm coming from a Netware background where the EPO distributed repository is \\servername\SYS\PUBLIC\epo.


      On a OES2 SLES box is it recommended to use:

      1) \\servername\SYS\PUBLIC\epo

      2) /(root)/epo

      3) somewhere else?


      Also have you worried about any partitioning for this? If so whats a recommended size as epo can grow pretty large.


      OS - SLES10 SP3, OES2 SP2

      EPO - 4.5.0


      Thoughts much appreciated!




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          The path you where the you define the UNC share shouldnt really matter.  In response to your question about the partition size I would not imagine you needing more than 600 meg allocated for this repository. Typically the repositories are not more than about 300 meg. The size will depend on the number and types of packages that are in the repository. Just set this up as a UNC type repository and make sure the creditials you provide has read , write, modify, create access to the folder you specify.


          I hope this helps.