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    How to add DE 5.2.3 as a file set ?

      Having read through the admin guides for both the EE PC and EE Manager, I'm still confused as to how to add the latest EE PC client as a file set. I've downloaded the latest client from the website but it does not contain the SBClientFileSet.ini that the EE For PC Admin Guide talks about. Currently, when a machine connects to EE Manager it will update the client to version 5.1.3. This ties in with the files in the \Program Files\SBAdmin\Client folder on the database machine.


      My question is, how do I go about updating the relevant files or creating a new file group for EE 5.2.3 ? I understand the process for creating file groups, but can't seem to find a download with all the relevant files in. Certainly the EE 5.2.3 PC client download doesn't seem to contain them.


      I've only recently started using this software and am probably just being stupid. I need the clients to automatically update to version 5.2.3 when they next sync with the database, but just can't figure out where to get the relevant files to import into the file group.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated !

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          I have almost the same exact problem today.

          I've just upgraded my server to endpoint manager and build version 5701, it all looks fine, I went to System/File Groups and updated all files, and then I got my test client to synchronise, it of course found a whole heap of new files, and successfully downloaded them. I rebooted and expected the client to now be on but it seems stuck on 5.1.3 (like yours).

          I tried removing safeboot from the client completely, rebooting, creating a new set of install files, installing those, rebooted, and still 5.1.3

          So I too feel like I'm missing something very obvious, where can I get the 522 client install files?

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            From what I've read, the EE Manager and Client are now seperate in order to allow different release schedules. I would imagine that's why the latest version of EE Manager is still only bundled with 5.1.3 maybe ?


            Hopefully someone will be able to point use both in the right direction then !!

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              ok I think this may be helpful.

              Like you I was expecting my DE51... file sets to change to DE52... (or be available in addition).

              I think DE has become EEPC in the new system.

              So I simply deselected all of the DE51s for my test machine, and then selecting the equivalent ones in EEPC. then got my client to synchronise, and reboot. It now shows my system at 5.1.9 instead of 5.1.3


              Can anyone confirm if DE has become EEPC?



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                When you upgrade MEE to a new version this is what you need to do:


                1.) Go to the System Tab and expand "Endpoint Encryption File Groups."  You will see all the filesets available to your clients at that time.  Now right click the "Endpoint Encryption File Groups" and select "Update File Groups."

                2.) Scroll down the list and select only the filesets you need or want.... you dont need to download everything in that list and clutter up your DB.  Be sure to get the new client file sets for sure.

                3.) Once the update is finished you will now see the new client file set for the new version listed under "Endpoint Encryption File Groups"


                now the important part.


                4.) Go to your machine groups.  Right click a machine group or an individual machine and go to properties --> Files   and unselect the already checked client file set for the old version and then select the new versions client files.  If you make this change at the Machine Group level be sure to right click the group again after the change has been made and select "Reset all to group configuration" and then UNCHECK "Exlude File Groups."  This will make the new changes to the group effective on all the machines inside that group.


                Now the next time those clients in that group sync, they will get the new updated version of MEE installed.

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                  thanks for the reply

                  however i think you are one step behind us, what we're asking is - why do we not see DE52 in the list of available file groups? (after running the update as you've suggested).


                  And what i suggested is that maybe DE has become EEPC in the new system?

                  can you confirm this?



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                    Yes it has.


                    In version 5.2.3 at least anyways.  Mine is showing up as EEPC52:

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                      cool, so my only issue now is that my EEPC client files are only 5.1.9 and not 5.2.x

                      I'll have to try and download the new pack.


                      also is EEFF an integral part of the new system? or optional? what functionality does it add exactly?

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                        When I update the file groups I get a small box telling me it's searching for updates but, when that box disappears, I don't see anyEEPC52 in the list (or any EEPC files for that matter).


                        Now, I don't know if this irrelevant but, under the SYSTEM tab, the File Group appears as "SafeBoot File Groups" not "Endpoint Encryption File Groups". I was using Safeboot 5.01 but did a straight upgrade to EEM 5.2.3. The main window titles shows as "McAfee Endpoint Encryption Manager” and the about box shows "McAfee Endpoint Encryption Manager v5, 2, 3, 5" so it would appear I'm using the latest version.


                        I have no clue why I get no file group updates after choosing the update option!


                        Thanks for all your help up to this point by the way; you've answered my question as to how I get new File Groups into EEM. Now I just gotta work out why it's broke!!



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                          EEFF is for File and Folder encryption.  You can encrypt network drives, certain folders on your HDD like the My Documents folder or a lot more stuff too.


                          You can use EEFF to lock down removable media and encrypt anything that gets dropped onto a flash drive.  You should read up on the EEFF Admin Guide to get a good idea of its capabilities.


                          The thing is this.  EEPC protects your HDD against unauthorized access.  But once you unlock the HDD by authenticating at preboot none of your files are encrypted.  You can send them out via email, copy them to thumb drives, take them home, sell them to strangers etc.  EEFF helps to protect your files once your users are logged in to their desktops.

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