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    Here we go again: DAT 5865 -> 5866 -> 5865 !!!

      Well, here we are, back to flip-flopping DAT updates.

      It was too good to be true.


      Short version: After 5865 installed yesterday, no further prompts to update until this afternoon (as one would expect).  Updated to 5866 (1/19/2010).  Just got an alert to update AGAIN.  Doing so rolled me back to 5865 (1/18/2010).  Running update AGAIN installed 5866 (1/19/2010) AGAIN.

      The updater took the "usual" amount of time to download and install both times, so it's not as if DAT 5866 has been "yanked" (as with 5855 10 days ago).

      IOW, this is the SAME behavior we experienced over the past few days with reversion to 5860.


      MVT Session 23552771 (after reupdating back to 5866): no problems.


      So much for McAfee's assurances that "this would not happen again".


      Merely a coincidence?

      Just another "bad DAT" file being yanked?


      Sorry, but I doubt it.

      It's pretty clear that this company is...... Well, maybe I shouldn't put into writing what I'm really feeling right now.


      Positively irate and probably done with McAfee.

      This is beyond the last straw (THAT was this past weekend).



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          That hasn't happened here, but I will alert the powers that be.  To be honest I take no notice of the DAT numbers as long as the SecurityCenter says "Protecting".

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            Trust me.


            It's happening again.


            Like I said, all was OK with 5865.


            There were no interim prompts to update again today until the "usual" time this afternoon.


            That installed 5866.


            About 1 hour ago, I was prompted again for an update.


            Put me back to 5865.


            Manually updated again.


            Put me back to 5866.


            You know the "drill", by now....

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              Well we'll have to wait and see what they say tomorrow I guess.

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                I may have another security suite by then.

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                  Your prerogative of course, personally I wouldn't worry about it unless I was on a really slow dial up connection, then I might be upset.

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                    No, thankfully, I'm on cable w/Turbo.

                    (Pity the poor souls these past 2 weeks on dial-up.)


                    But, as you can imagine, that's really not the point, is it?




                    This isn't a music library app or a word processor or a photo-editing app or a game.

                    It's a bloody security suite.

                    DAT-this or DAT-that.



                    This merely reflects what must be SERIOUS, SERIOUS systemic issues with this company.


                    There is simply no other way to interpret it.

                    How can any of us trust this company?

                    What we are seeing at the end-user perspective is likely only the tip of the iceberg.




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                      That said, I do most sincerely appreciate your infinite patience and assistance over the past 2 weeks.


                      As with so many other folks, I likely would have "walked" already, had it not been for your support.  I know you are passionate about this and I don't know HOW you endure all the stress. You are a far better person than I....


                      Thanks for reporting this up the food chain -- since we only heard once from Brian last weekend (with what turned out to be an extremely premature and incorrect pronouncement of the problem's having been solved), I don't expect to hear much from him or from anyone else in a timely manner or with accurate information or with definitive resolution.



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                        I have just joined this forum because of the on going Dat update problem.

                        I have not been able to do a successful Dat update since 01/07/10. I've run Virt. Tech. several times and

                        no trouble found. I have been following several threads on this problem and have found

                        no solutions. I am on dialup and will be switching to DSL tomorrow and will give it another try.

                        I consider going on 13 days without a Dat update to be a serious situation and am very

                        surprised  at McAfee's lack of a solution or explanation of any kind.

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                          Hi, South:


                          Believe me, I feel your pain.


                          The weekend of Jan 7-9, there was a global problem with McAfee DAT updates that took nearly 3 days to resolve.  That's when I joined.  Apparently, even the long-time forum mentors and moderators were shocked at the length of time it took for M to acknowledge, diagnose and fix the problem.


                          Everything was OK for 3-4 days, until this past weekend. Another, different problem began, again involving the update servers.  This, too, took ~2 days to fix.  Everyone thought it had been, as of yesterday and early today.  Then, the same problem started again this evening.  Even worse, at least for me, is that despite my understanding the problem and knowing a bit more about how to get through to the appropriate level of tech support at M, this time it has been a total flail -- the live chat tech at Tier1 tonight agreed to escalate, but couldn't even figure out how! (I kid you not).


                          Most of the consumers who have their product set for automatic (silent) updates do not even know there is a problem. Those of us who monitor the update and install of DAT files are the first/only folks even to know, until the "system not protected" errors start to appear.  I think the DAT file has to be at least 1 week out of date before this happens.


                          Yes, if your DAT file is > 1 week out of date, that is cause for concern.

                          I am on a cable HSI connection with Turbo, so all these downloads are not as much torture as they are for you folks on dial-up.


                          Alas, I don't have any specific suggestions to help, since I'm just a home user, too.

                          Hopefully, one of the incredibly kind, patient and helpful moderators, such as Ex Brit or Peacekeeper, will log in and give you some advice.


                          Until then, good luck trying live chat (which is pretty much the only way you can - eventually - get through to Tier2 for actual help, if you are lucky).

                          Aside from posting here to get the attention of moderators/monitors, submitting a ticket at TS through the chat is the only way to bring this to the attention of M, so I guess you might want to try.

                          I learned over the past few weeks that it takes a "critical mass" of folks (and the moderators, too) complaining before M will even take notice.


                          This is beyond frustrating.


                          Keep us posted,



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