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    Last Update date question

      Hi all,


      I have a very funny situation here and am starting to wonder if I am going nuts.


      I have an ePO 4.0 system with SP5 installed. All my servers are added under a server tab under systems. They all pick their updates up from the repository which happens to be our backup server.


      This is the issue.

      The clients have all updated and are running the latest DAT and Engine, however in ePO they are reflecting that the last update day was the 24th of December 2009. Would there be any reason why this would happen?


      I generate two results to ensure ePO is working correctly. One is running a report in ePo reporing on last update date. The other is running a script against each and every server to get the same data and ePO is out and the script picks up the correct detail. Any ideas on a fox for ePO?


      Note all servers are manually added, there is no AD domain in ePO.

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          Is the machine picking update from the ePO server or from the fall back repository?


          In the ePO server, machine's property, please have a look when was the client machine communiated to the server last time ( have a look at the column "last communication")

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            Hey Hem,


            Yip the machines are picking the updates up from the ePO server. I placed a call with McAfee and Sal helped me out.


            Strange and I have made a huge note to do this first in the future.

            The three services that handle the ePO system:

            Application service

            Event service

            Apache service


            One of the above processes had a bit of a wobbly and was just not updating. Restarted each of these services and sent a wake up call to the server and viola all back up to date.


            Big up to Sal for that.