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    Black Screen after Standby->Undock->Use->Standby->Dock-Use


      This is occuring on a Lenovo T61 with Windows XP SP3. (Nvidia video card)


      After encrypting (although I suspect the agent/client is the culprit), when this user goes into standby while docked, then takes his laptop off the dock and uses it, then puts it back in standby, then docks it and tries to use it again he gets a black screen and the machine is unresponsive. (hard boot required)  He has an external keyboard/mouse/monitor and none of the external devices work, however, on the laptop keyboard pressing numlock will light up the numlock indicator (caps lock does nothing).  If the user is docked, goes standby, undocks, then *does not use the laptop* then goes back on dock, it comes out of standby fine.


      I will also be opening a ticket on this but thought I'd put it here as well.




      (This machine also experiences issues with sound since installing EEPCv6 although I can't confirm if it is coincidence or not as the sound device errors out only sometimes and stops working at boot.  A subsequen reboot self-fixes the issue.  This is a "SoundMAX Integrated Digital HD Audio" device)