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    *.bup files in Quarantine Folder ?


      we have seen many systems with *.bup files in the quarantine folder


      - but there are also files stored at systems without quarantined viruses - Buffer Overflow captures ? (Quarantine Manager ist empty)

      - do we need to check these files into webimmune.net as virussamples ? Or why these files stored here ?

      - is it possible to define to delete files which older than x days or if more than x MB used ?

      - we use Virusscan 8.7 P1





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          They are encoded/encrypted backups of viruses that have been cleaned/deleted.


          By default they should be deleted automatically based on the schedule defined in the Quarantine Manager Policy, but sometimes I believe McAfee loses track of some files that have been put in that area (possible causes - upgrades/poor shutdowns/corruption in the index etc etc).


          They can be safely deleted.