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    vso_dat won't stop downloading

      It's been happening for the last few days so I have had to disable the automatic download option to force it to cease. It seems stuck in a loop and chews up an enormous amount of CPU to the point where not much else will run along with it. I have tried just letting it run alone but it does not seem to ever reach 100%, just goes back to 0% and restarts the download again & again & again .....


      How can I rectify this issue? It just started happening without any cause (that I can think of), I cant recall changing anything, and I certainly did not change anything in Mcafee. All was well before this with the automatic downloads/updates for Mcafee happening regularly.




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          Hi deecee,


          I came across the same issue today on two of the computers.


          There is a small work around you can do to fix this.


          Its not really a resolution but this actually fixed on both the computers.


          Step 1 : Restart the computer


          Step 2 : Click START - > RUN -> CMD  { Windows XP } or

                      Click START - > Start Search -> CMD  { Windows Vista / 7 }


          Step 3 : In the Black DOS Prompt window type :


                       ping download.mcafee.com -t


          Press the ENTER button,


          you will see the replay from line with an IP address looping..


          Step 4 : Check if McAfee is downloading the VSO file..


                       If Not


                       Update McAfee by right clicking the M icon ->  Check for Updates


          Step 4 : Wait till the Animated Icon Stops downloading the updates and disappears  ( Might take sometime depending on the internet connection speed )


          Step 5 : Restart the computer and check if McAfee is still downloading updates


          Thank you




          Mahesh CJ

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            Hi Mahesh CJ,


            I followed your work around and this seems to have stopped the continuous downloading. I will come back and post again if it has not.


            Many thanks to you for taking the time to reply.




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              Hello deecee,


              Good to know it worked,


              Please do revert back if the issue persisted.


              And I would also suggest you to have a check on the stability of your Internet connection by contacting your ISP.


              Else you might face this problem again.


              Thank you,,


              Mahesh CJ