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    Mcafee Customer Support does not speak English

      After nearly 2 hours on hold...yes two hours..I finally got thru to someone in India or Pakistan, and their english was so bad it took nearly 5 minutes to get the following URL


      www.tinyurl.com/y85mssz   If you try the url it indicates the code is no good.  WTF!


      I asked several times what he was trying to do, and was never able to understand what he said, so I am unsure why they are asking me to go to this site, but before that answer could be received the line went dead.


      After two hours of waiting, I get hund up on.


      Does anyone know of an antivirus program that has English speaking Technical support?


      If anyone knows how to resolve the Fake Alert Virus and the red and white "X" in the system tray, I sure would appreciate even broken English support.


      Thanks in advance.