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    Automatic Response not pulling information from the action screen

      I have Automatic Respones setup but when it sends me an email it shows me the following information. I have already added description, filter, aggregation and I am on the action tab and then after that is just the summary tab.


      Subject: Virus problem on {AffectedComputerNames}
      Importance: High


      Actual number of events: {ReceivedNumEvents}

      Source Systems: {SourceComputers}

      Actual number of systems: {ReceivedNumComputers}

      IP Address {AffectedComputerIPs}

      First Event Time: {FirstEventTime}

      Event Description: {EventDescriptions}

      Event ID: {EventIDs}

      Additional Information: {AdditionalInformation}

      Affected systems names: {AffectedComputerNames}

      Affected Objects: {AffectedObjects}

      Time notification sent: {TimeNotificationSent}


      I have checked everything I know but not sure why these fields are not being populated.  Any help is greatly appreciated.