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    Scanning shuts down at 33-34%

      I renewed my subscription to McAfee (ver 9.15) on 12/15/2009.  Since that time, McAfee cannot successfully scan my computer.  Before I uninstalled and reinstalled the McAfee software, the security center indicated my last scan was on 12/11/2009.  Now that I have reinstalled the software, it just says the last scan data is "unavailable."  I have contacted the on-line help twice, following their differing guidance, but to no avail.  When I try to manually scan, it stops at the 33-34% mark and says an error has occurred, with problem details: "Error getting scan progress."  The scan stops on the same file each time.  My security center says I am protected, but I am wary of that, given the situation that the system is not being scanned for threats.  I saw a similar problem on another thread; kind of curious that others would have a problem immediately after renewing subscription!

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          Hi ,

          Can you provide some more information regarding the computer like;

          What is the operating system?

          how old is the computer?

          Did we have any virus infections found in the computer previously?

          What is the file in which the scan stops ?








          Dinesh K

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            Dell Inspiron, 3 years old.  Vista Home Premium operating system.  Never had any previous virus issues, that I know of.   The file name where scanning stops is C:\users\trisha&Dave\...U_CNNANT2010_30.exe.dlm.  As far as I can determine, the file has something to do with the Garmin GPS program I have on my computer.

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              Turn off the Scan Using Minimal Computer Resources option.

              1. From McAfee SecurityCenter, select the Advanced Menu.
              2. Select Configure, then Computer and Files.
              3. In the Virus protection is enabled section, click Advanced.
              4. Select Manual Scan, and deselect Scan Using Minimal Computer Resources.

              and then try to perform a full scan, if it still not proceeding ; right click on that particular drive and scan it to check the status of the file







              Dinesh K

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                Thanks, I'll give it a try and report back.

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                  I tried this solution and it did not work for me. I am running Windows 7 and I cannot run a full scan. McAfee seems to get stuck on a large Garmin file.



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