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    McAfee, Netgear, and LAN gaming problems



      I am posting to ask for help resolving a LAN problem I am having.  I own a Netgear WGR614v6 router.  I have used McAfee Security Center on all of my PCs since I purchased this router.  I can successfully share files and printers through the router, both wired and wirelessly, with McAfee installed and active.  Similarly, I can successfully play games over the Internet and through game platforms such as Steam.  However, I CANNOT get LAN gaming to work.  My computers cannot "see" games created on another computer on the LAN.  I have had this problem since using the router and am finally so fed up I have decided to ask for some help.


      Now before you come back and say "it must be a Netgear problem," let me tell you that the people on the Netgear forums say it is probably a McAfee problem; and since I successfully use other connectivity features of the router I am inclined to believe it is some McAfee permissions setting problem.  However, I cannot figure out how to turn off the McAfee firewall!  My only options seem to be the level of protection provided by the firewall.  Also, I have turned off the Microsoft Windows Firewall and I do not have any other antivirus/firewall/etc. software installed.


      Please help!  Thanks!