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    McAfee ePO 4.5 (Patch1) cluster on Win2K8 R2 with remote SQL 2005

      Hi folkz

      Am in the midst of a project to setup ePO 4.5 cluster for a client with remote SQL 2005 cluster. The operating system platform for all the 4 nodes involved in the cluster is Windows 2008 Enterprise R2 64Bit and SQL 2005 Enterprise 64Bit SP3 is successfully setup for one cluster (as documented in the McAfee knowledge base that remote SQL server is supported by ePO4.5 Patch 1 on Windows 2008 R2).

                    On browsing through the ePO 4.5 cluster installation guide for Windows 2008, it advises us to install on one node after failing the other in the cluster and then repeat the task for the other. Only post that we need to create the application group in the cluster, access point & data drive...is this feasible? Have any of you been through this process and have such a setup in your environment? Feedback appreciated..



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