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    Am I Protected?

      I got the message that my computer may not be entirely protected or words to that effect so I clicked on it and the McAfee Security Center box pops up and it has the message "Am I Protected?" followed by "no" so I click on where it reads "Fix" and after about one second where the message reads "Fixing your protection items. Please wait..." nothing changes and apparently nothing is fixed. I am still getting the message that my computer may not be protected and this has been going on for about two days. Anyone know what's going on?



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          I am having the same problem, and suspect it's from outdated DAT files. My "current" DAT is 5854, but the real one is 5864. Apparently auto updates hasn't been doing its thing. Yesterday I turned off auto updates, but then like an idiot, I hit check for updates. So now the persistent rotating arrow icon is back!  Having days of this gumming, ? looping update problem is driving me crazy, and it's a short trip. My "top" connection speed on rural dial-up is 28.8 Kbps. Needless to say, even normal DAT updates bog down the system.  Any ideas how I can rid myself of the rotating arrow icon, aside from uninstall McAfee and start over??

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            Hi Eebet,

            Basically in a dial up connection it takes a long time to update the DAT files, and mcafee doesnt recommend to turn off the automatic updates.

            As in your case , During an application update,  If the icon does not disappear after a few minutes, the update may have stopped responding. To stop the spinning update icon

            1. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to open the Windows Task Manager.
            2. Click Task Manager.
            3. Click the Processes tab, then right-click mcupdui.exe and select End Process.
            4. Click Yes in the warning dialog box.
            5. Close Task Manager.
            6. Restart your computer.

            The update session will restart after your computer restarts. The animated update icon will appear in the system tray while the updates install.






            Dinesh K



            on 1/18/10 7:10:31 AM GMT-06:00
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              Thanks for the temp "fix," but the problem is, my DAT files are outdated and I can't get them updated. Am at 5854!  A week of this is becoming ridiculous. I am painfully aware that dial-up is slow, but I've left the puter on for hours for McAfee to "update," to no avail. I can't even get the "gotoassist" to D/L properly so I can get any resolution to the problem. Meanwhile the rotating arrow icon goes on, and on, and on.