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    Virus despite being blocked by Mcafee

      My computer has a virus, despite being blocked by McAfee and me running Malware and deleting and quaranting 3 or 4 times.   I'm at a loss to what to do next.  I went to system restore and turned it off and ran both a scan and malware.    Now when I boot up I get a pop up (which I'm sure is the virus saying my computer is infected and click here to run something).   I have to x out to get on but then I believe it is then putting the virus back on as I get the messages from McAfee saying the virus has been blocked.


      Any ideas?

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          We assume that the malware has been recognized/detected by McAfee, right ? If this is the case, please contact Technical Support via free chat and they will be able to assist you regarding this issue. They can also help you with configuration of McAfee products and show you how to submit samples to us for further analysis, if needed.


          Hope this helps!


          Patty Ammirabile

          McAfee Labs