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    inbound events?

      Hey guys,I still have an unsolved question.I was recently contacted by support by phone(thanks Dinz).But i am still unsure about something under recent events(inbound events).Most of the items either say a computer at so & so has pinged your computer or has tried to access port so & so.Operative word tried.Recentley i have noticed a computer at ip .....has sent an invalid packet to your computer.I am not feeling to comfortable with the way that sounds.Does anyone else know the answer to this.Or has anyone even seen this.Any help is greatly appreciated.

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          Hi newjack,


          I'm putting an attachment in this discussion to show you what comes up on my firewall log events. Take a look and see.


          I've seen your other posts don't uninstall McAfee Security Center. Something big time is happening with McAfee on the servers systems. If you've already uninstalled McAfee Security Center use the computers Microsoft firewall and close all ports. There's a lot of complaints about the endless loop updates and there's something very wrong with McAfee on right now.


          Right now Ex_Brit, Peter's sick and he needs to shut down the computer and go to bed until he feels better. For me newjack I'm shutting down this computer until McAfee gets a fix for what's happening today. Hope we can talk some time tomorrow or perhaps Monday. Don't fall into the hackers hands newjack with panic.





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            Peter M

            Thanks...;-)  I'm still alive enough to say that Inbound Events represent failed attempts at entry and are shown merely for your reference.

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              Yes chuck that is what i am getting.The only reason i was worried about that is,i don`t ever remember seeing anything like this.Normally i get a computer has attempted to send.The optonal word attempted.Like yours mine also says a computer has sent an invalid packet to your computer.I don`t know how you take that but that does`nt sound to good to me,even if it did`nt make it through.Just the wording alone makes me think bad things.Like i said i don`t remember ever seeing that before have you?Thanks for that reply.

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                Hi newjack how you doing,


                I know just what you saying. McAfee does use ambiguous wording in there firewall information. It can mean a lot of different things. It can be right down intimidating if we're already paranoid. And for sure all of that with good reason.

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                  Hey chuck,Yea i know what you mean.Some people say paranoid but after spending a bunch of money on a new computer a few months back because of a virus.Then paying for a new subsciption for mcafee it gets to the point where useing the computer is`nt even fun anymore.I am not wealthy to say the least and i don`t like the feeling of turning on my computer and wondering what is going to be yellow today or red.lol What does this or that mean.Man i am in way over my head already.I like mcafee or i would`nt keep getting it...but do you ever remember seeing that before?

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                    Yes I have newjack. This is the first of the new year, and the hackers enjoy threatening good folks at this time just to show their power and, what they believe to as control of someone. Give McAfee a chance to over come all of these overwhelming problems. Believe me newjack another security software have their big troubles too. If you go to another security firm or, company you would only change your circumstances of problems.


                    Unfortunately money is the leading factor of what we can or, can't do in this life. Only you can make that decision newjack. Having just a little faith and, hope sometimes gets us through times like this you know what I mean newjack.



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                      I am trying Crazy Chuck.Trying to keep the faith.It just seems like i have a new problem every day.Now for 3 days in a row when i log on my eimail section has been yellow and needs to be fixed.Have a good weekend.

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                        Newjack I'm here for you okay. Let's jump right on this thing before it gets out of hand. Having faith is the key word keep that in you're heart. What I want you to do is take a full scan with the McAfee Security Center. Turn off all other Security software. What we are looking for is how many files are in your "Registry". See the attachment below for the location of the file "Registry" in McAfee Security Center. Then try to send me a picture of what you find.



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                          Thanks chuck,I appreciate the help.I am not sure how to capture the image and post it.To be honest i am not sure how much longer i am going to hang on to Mcafee.I know that there are alot of problems out there and it is`nt just with Mcafee,but it seems like every day i have a new concern or problem.I even try to research it myself before posting sometimes.But the mcafee help menu is pretty vague(at least to me)I am almost at a cut my losses stage i guess.Right now i`m gonna shut it down and think about it.Not easy to throw away a 2 year subsciption but in order to keep my sanity i believe the money will have to come 2nd.lol even though i don`t have it like that. Talk to you tommorow??  Peace



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