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    Malware Defense Virus Removal - HELP

      My computer was attacked last night by this Virus...Malware Defense Virus...It disables Mc Afee and everything i attemp to do does not work. I continue to get ficticious virus warnings. Can someone help me remove this. I'm not a computer expert and need layman language direction. Any help would be appreciated.

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          I'm not an expert but since no one has chimed in after 4 days, I'll try.  Try booting to safe mode with networking.  You press F8 as you turn on the computer.  A menu will come up with your choices of booting to safe mode.  When you open internet explorer go to tools, internet options and delete your Browising history and cookies.  Go to www.malwarebytes.org and download the free version.  Install it and update it.  Run the program and delete what it finds.  Restart your computer and hopefully it will be gone.  You may have to get rid of your restore points as it may be in there also.

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            Moving this to the security awareness community - this is the best community to use for getting help with malware.