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    HELP! Computer won't open anything because of virus!

      I have used Mcafee loyaly, for years, and have never had a problem until now and have always felt I have gotten what I have paid for.  My desktop (I am currently having to use my kids laptop, and sharing between five of us isn't fun at all) seems to have gotten some sort of virus.  Nothing will open.  I just get a window that says that program is infected and perform a scan.  No where does that window indicate it is McAfee, so I have not done anything.  In the meantime, I cannot use my computer!  NOTHING will open! Not McAfee, not Explorer, heck, not even Excel! Nothing.  I can't run a scan (that window pops up when I try to open McAfee), I can't do anything at all!  Help!

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          Sorry, no help from me.  My computer is completely shutdown, too.  I can turn it on but it won't do anything after I log on and get to the desktop.


          I did some trouble shooting and ran the Stinger program.  It found artemis!539cb42f77ad trojan!!! and deleted it.  Then I disabled my system restore as suggested for Windows XP and restarted my computer.  Things quickly got a lot worse and now I am totally jammed, plus have some new nasty icons on the desktop too.


          On another thread, a computer was turning McAfee off so it was not protected.  They ended up about like us and lost control of their computer.  No one helped, but the last post seemed to indicated a hacker had turned the computer into a zombie.  I have had this issue too from time to time, but didn't worry to much about it.  I also noticed the computer was disabling McAfee today when things really started to go downhill.


          If we don't get some help, I guess I will have to take mine to the shop.  I have never completely lost it like this before. 

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            Have you tried the free versions from www.malwarebytes.org and www.superantispyware.com?  Try starting in safemode with networking and see if you can download them.  Update them and run a scan and delete everything they find.  The virus may prevent you from installing them.  I read that if you change the setup files name it will work.  Good luck.

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              This is going to make me sound stupid, but I'm just a middle-aged mom of five and don't know a lot about computers, but how do I open in safe mode? Will that allow me to go to the sites you mentioned to download the free versions of those things? Do I download both or just one?

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                milesdarlin1211, don't feel stupid, you probably know more than me and I am not stupid.


                I was acturally able to get mine going with the help of my other computer.  I searched the web for Malware Defense, which seemed to be the main name associated with all the popups and ended up getting what I needed at bleepingcomputer.com (sorry, I don't know how to do a link).


                There I downloaded malwarebytes anti-malware and another program, followed some fairly detailed instructions and got lucky I guess (cause my problem appears to be gone).


                Use your other computer to search for information, such as starting your computer in safe mode.  I didn't know to start in safe mode either, but found with Windows XP, you tap the F8 key when you 1st startup the computer and it will go to safe mode.  Everything you need to know is out there on the web with helpful people too.  Good luck!  :-)

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                  Thanks c.o.b.b., I gave you 1 vote.  :-)



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                    Are you able to get back online yet?


                    Within the last couple of days, my daughter's pc was infected with something called "PC Live Help" which pops up and says she has all these infections and she needs to scan now and all this other cr@p.  The scary thing about this virus/trojan is that it looks eerily similar (almost identical) to the Windows security screen.  It even has an icon at the bottom of the screen where a Windows Update would be that looked like a Windows icon, but with a red mark on it.  She couldn't get to any address online without that "PC Live Help" blocking her every step of the way.


                    I downloaded Malwarebytes and saved it to my desktop and then sent it to her in an email.  She was able to boot into Safe Mode (with networking) and go online to get her email and save the attachment to her desktop.  Then she shut down her pc and turned it off.  Waited about a minute or so and then turned it back on, starting again in Safe Mode (Holding down the F8 key) - this time Without Networking.  She was able to click on the Malwarebytes set up icon and install it from there.  Once she had it installed, she scanned her computer and found the "PC Live Help" and was able to remove it.  Then she shut down (turn off) her pc.


                    Then she booted the computer normally and the icon and all the other stuff was gone and she was able to surf normally.


                    If you are able to get online with your laptop, you can go to http://download.cnet.com/Malwarebytes-Anti-Malware/3000-8022_4-10804572.html, download the Malwarebytes and save it to a disk, cd, or flash drive and install it on your pc that way.


                    If you've already gotten the Malwarebytes - hang on to it!


                    ETA:  Yes, your computer in Safe Mode will look weird on the monitor!



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                      Hello everyone,


                      Big time problems huh ! To address the comment about XP restore point system. The hacker of today has become more and, more insidious and, sophisticated in their attacks. Its no longer just a matter of the back yard hacker or, some program engineer holding some kind of resentment or, grudge for what ever reason. Or just right down evil dower. Its my opinion we here in the USA all are dealing with the third world countries, that being world wide. The hacker of those countries purpose are to use our computers as proxy servers thus being zombies too their own end intention.


                      It should be obvious that the variants have sent copies of these distractive programs into your XP restore point system. The hackers logic is that if I don't get you now, I'll get you later.


                      In the thread discussion you were reading I stated that the truth was I felt she should reformat the entire hard disk. She simply didn't want to do that.



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                        Hey mikesdarlin1211,


                           Does the program that keeps popping up load like this:




                        One of the most comming viruses out there pretends to be a virus scanning application (so people allow it to run). We've just released a McAfee Stinger utility that might help you out. You can get more information about it, and download the utility here:




                        Please let me know if this helps you out.

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                          I've moved your thread to the security awareness home user area.


                          Please do let us know the results from the new stinger tool that Somer recommended.



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