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    McAfee is deleting not a virus Private file, Game sodtware updater

      Prease check the file and remove it for your DB because this is just updater for a private anti-cheat gameing software ... is not virus or worm or whatsoever ... pls fix this as soon as you can.


      Thank you in advance


      file :




      virus total tool :


      http://www.virustotal.com/analisis/63d562693367fbd437f703b0e10f12a507e93d10c8ec0 7dbb9f3edc7d974c8ac-1263649153


      pls rechek the file and remove it from the db



      Message was edited by: Samantha Price - amended link as this is a potential sample.  on 1/16/10 8:01:42 PM CST
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