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    Weird dat update

      I was at dat 5862 but at around 4:40am saturday I received a dat update which loaded kind of slow. It put me back to dat 5860 so I ran McAfee Virtual Technician and it said dat was outdated so cicked on update now and then received dat 5862 again. Never had that happen where it downgraded my dat to an earlier version. Anyone else had this happen to them?




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          Same thing happened to me as well. Was at 5862 dated 1/15 creation date. After the "update" , it was at 5860 with creation date 1/13. This is the second time for this - 1st time was about a week ago.

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            same here on my Vista Computer. Update automatically drove me back to Dat 5860...

            Then I did a manually update to turn to Dat 5862 (I had already that one yesterday). Then I did a new manually search and the programm told me "all is updated."

            On my wife's computer (Windows seven) the update to 5862 was yesterday night and the problem does not occured this morning.

            But on mine it seems solved. I had also a problem last week-end... with a Dat update which did not instal itself. But the day after it was solved without doing anything!


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              Hello, all:


              Same thing here!


              Had DAT 5862 which I installed unevenfully yesterday when notified.

              Today, awoke to find notice of another update, which also "rolled back" to DAT 5860!

              So, I manually updated, and got DAT 5862 again.

              (Overnight scheduled scan ran fine and was clean.  No error messages.)


              Haven't run MVT yet.


              Seems there might be *another* DAT file problem AGAIN this week?!?!  What is going on????


              Will wait to hear from the gurus.





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                I'm asking about this at our Monday conference call with McAfee but if everything is working I wouldn't take any notice of it.

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                  I got updated just NOW to that 5860 DAT version.  I tried manually updating again but nothing changes right now.

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                    the story goes on: tonight I had a very long download of Virus Scan update...then installation, to come back to 5860!!!

                    Then manually I  got 5863...





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                      5863 is hopefully the fix.

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                        good evening everyone from captain Ralph in portland,maine usa just informing all of of you that i clicked on open security center , clicked on update and mcafee checked for a new virus definition update; it took maybe 3 to 4 minutes max a little longer then usual but it finally found 5863 downloaded it without any technical issues or problems  and installed correctly. my mcaffee is now updated and secure .


                        version: 13.15

                        last update: 1/16/2010

                        Dat version: 5863.0000

                        dat creation date:1/16/2010

                        engine version: 5301.4018


                        have a great rest of the weekend Brit and everyone. take care

                                               Captain Ralph

                        Portland,Maine usa on cascobay


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                          Thanks, all the best.

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