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    Different prices for the same product?

      Hallo Folks,


      I'm using since 3 years the McAffee Internetsecurity. It works very fine.

      Now, my abonnement is going to still work. Therefore, my wish is to by a new one year license.

      On the website, I see, that a new user have only to pay the half price for the same product.


      Oduser: 59,95 €

      Newuser: 29,97 €  (see: http://de.mcafee.com/root/offer/default.asp?id=132242&affid=0&cid=0&lpname=offer _13224.asp&qty=1&pfid=&bburl=&rd_cd=)



      Is that correctly or I have do anything wrong?


      Thanks for all.




      P.S. Sorry for my bad english.  I'm a german.