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    Can u tell me how to stop McAfee from auto-running, even after manually turning this feature OFF?

      McAfee is the SecurityCenter program that is attached to my Cox Internet Service, in Las Vegas, NV.  I choose to run the "scans" and "update" features when finished with my computer session.  I set the config to run once, next year.  I turned the auto-update OFF.  Now, each time I begin a new computer session, in what seems like five, or so, minutes, McAfee starts running the update check.  I have turned this feature OFF, and here it is automatically running. (My computer slows to molassas when update runs.)  The only way I can shut the thing down, is to turn off the entire computer.  I imagine there is a hidden switch that I can't reach.   Occationally, the "Scan" feature also starts up, without my direction.  Can I change this, or should I go with another Internet Security service?