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    Slow Update downloads

      I have been getting update downloads of 10 hours or more on my dial up connection for McAfee for the past few days.  What is going on?  I guess you need DSL, FiOS, or CABLE if you want to use McAfee?


      I guess I will have to get rid of McAfee since I will have to use dial up!


      I noticed VSO_CNT last week and they are pushing some other big download today!


      Do these people want to get rid of customers?  I guess so!  Wow I just checked 20% in an hour and a half!

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          Peter M

          What is the speed of your connection and is it capped by your ISP?  It may be advisable to contact out Technical Support Chat because they have thye tools to check it out remotely.


          See McAfee Support at top of this page.


          I'm assuming this is the home version we are discussing and if you had previous software installed it was removed using normal methods plus the removal tool(s)?


          I corrected a spelling error in your user name by the way, you may have to log out and back in again.

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            My connection is currently running at 45.2 Kbps, I did say dial up.


            As of right now I have downloaded just over 80 megs of something from McAfee.  If this kind of thing continues I will just out and BUY another virus software.  Maybe that's what Microsoft wants?  I get the McAfee service free because I have MSN as my ISP.

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              As for the Technical Chat.  I've tried that in the past and to tell you the truth McAfee really doesn't care if you get service from MSN Isp service they tell you to talk to MSN.  And MSN tells you to talk to McAfee. 


              Once I get some sort of DSL service I'll just buy another software program for the virus service or use AVG or AVAST. 

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                Peter M

                Sorry, I wish I could fix it but with today's threats the software isn't simple any more.    If this is the initial download of the software itself we are talking about perhaps some of it could have been avoided by using the Custom option and only installing the VirusScan abd Firewall components for starters.


                If it's regular updates then they can vary wildly in size but are rarely so big that they take so long.


                It's possible that Avast or AVG could be better but they all need updating regularly otherwise there isn't much point in having them.


                Anyway, it's your choice.

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                  It's weird it's DAT version 5860.0000 which was created on 1/13/2010  I could have sworn I had another DAT version that was more recent

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                    Peter M

                    It went from 5862 to 5860 for some unknown reason.  Several people have already reported that and my laptop just reverted to 5860 too.  I suspect server problems.  As long as the SecurityCenter says protecting then nothing to be concerned about.



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                      The problem is Peter I'm sixty eight years old right now and, the download says 16 percent of the download that was an hour ago. By the time the download is complete I'll be one hundred five years old ready for the big permanent dirt nap.

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                        Peter M

                        I'm also 68 and have the world's worst head cold right now so can't even think properly.   Just hang on in there if you can...!!!

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                          Peter M

                          I just heard from one of the other posters that DAT 5863 just came in and tha should fix whatever the problem was that caused these endless update loops.