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    verifying my subscription??

      When I log on to my laptop I'm told that my computer is not protected.  When I click "fix", it tells me it can't be fixed.  The screen tells me to verify my subscription, but THAT can't be done either.  What is going on?

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          Hi lipgloss,

          Can you provide some additional information to help you better,

          What is the operating system of the computer?

          For how long you are facing this issue?

          Have you made any recent changes to the computer?










          Dinesh K

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            There have been no changes to the computer.  It's Windows Vista and has been happening for 2 days.

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              Prompts from McAfee SecurityCenter requesting that you verify your subscription can have many causes, including issues with your Internet connection or computer settings.


              Check and delete if you have any other security software in control panel or its remnants from C:/program files and common files.

              Please run this tool from and tell me whether all the mcafee products are registered under your current email address of any other.








              Dinesh K

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                There is no other security program on my computer.  I double checked even though I knew I'd NEVER used anything besides McAfee.  It is registered under the e-mail listed.


                I'm seriously at the point where I am considering asking for my money back (it was JUST renewed last month) and having my IT friend install whatever HE thinks is best.  (He warned me against McAfee and I wouldn't listen....)