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    Unknown user



      I just implementing Endpoint Encryption 6 (latest) throught EPO 4.5 Patch 1, im testing on 1 machine, and getting EE0050002 Unknown user error...


      Everything seems fine on EPO.


      need some help on this!



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          I used Unofficial Quickstart Guide for McAfee EEPC v6, followed step by step...


          Also using onesign agent from imprivata.



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            This guide doesn't state about choosing "samaccount" value in user fields EE/LDAP synchronization task.


            Try login in PBA using RDN user name.

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              Which user did you assign to your PC? In ePO console check "Data Protection" -> "Encryption Users" then select system, action "View Users".

              Then verify in "Automation" -> "Server Tasks" -> task with "EE LDAP Server User/Group Synchronization" what attribute did you use for "User Name" field.

              Pre-boot user is a value of that LDAP attribute for selected user (from "View Users" above).

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                In the EE LDAP Server User/Group Sync I have this info:


                LDAP Server: My ldap server name

                Username: name

                Display Name: displayname

                Account Control: useraccountcontrol

                User certificate: usercertificate


                when I hit the ... box i get this error: Unable to connect to LDAP Server

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                  You have to use domain administrator account to do this (probably with Admin string in user name) or you can manually enter "samaccoutname" value in "Username" filed.


                  So you user fields should look like:


                  Username: samaccountname

                  Display Name: displayname

                  Account Control: useraccountcontrol

                  User certificate: usercertificate



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                    What is RDN User Name??

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                      After I change the attribute from "name" to "samaccountname"  what I should do???


                      Machine recovery??


                      Wakeup call??

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                        In most cases RDN attribute contains first name and last name of user, for example John Smith.


                        After changeing this field value you should run EE/LDAP synchronization task on ePO side and synchronization on client machine, but I assume that you firstly have to login to PBA, so you can use user in "first_name last_name" format or perform machine recovery using challenge-response to pass PBA.



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                          It worked!! thanks a lot!!


                          the config should be in almost most cases:


                          Username: samaccountname

                          Display Name: samaccountname


                          This is not stated in the prodct guide, but it is on release notes...

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