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    On Access Scan Task disappeared in VirusScan Console

      Good morning,


      yesterday I (full) scanned the system with my McAfee VirusScan Enterprise 8.5, and it found and deleted Backdoor!DOQ rootkit, but today the system does not look exactly the same: it's not possibile to modify some Windows panels (I have XP - SP2) like System Restore one, or file/folders attribs, maybe some bad values have remained in the registry.


      What make me fear is that now the McAfee Antivirus looks working but in the VirusScan Console is not visible anymore the task On Access Scan and everything is 0 in the On Access Scan Statistics panel !!!


      What's on? It this normal?

      How can I re-activate the On Access Scan?


      I fear I may be still in trouble with some kind of virus, worm or the like

      but if I repeat  a full scan it does not find anything irregular in the machine


      Anyone may help me? Thanks.


      Best Regards.