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    Mcafee Scan keeps Hanging



      I have Mcafee Internet Security 2009 and when I did a full scan on my PC it keeps hanging (staying on) different files on my computer and doesn't move on unless I click skip. I have left my computer to scan the files on its own and it stopped on one file (in the MSOCache, to which i have had no problems with before) and it was still on that file when i came back to my PC an hour later.


      I have run the Virtual technician and it did find an error but this has not fixed the problem.


      I have 2 111GB Hard drives on my Pc (which runs: 32Bit, Vista, SP2) and one of them (my C: drive) has only got around 5GB left in it. Could this be causing the problems. I have posted a question about the MSOCache on Microsoft's answers page but after skipping the folder and it stopping on Google earth I realised it must be Mcafee causing the problems not the MSO folder.


        Please can someone Help.