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    remote ePO console




      I'm running ePO 4.5 for a customer - everythink working fine.


      The customer was running ePO 3.6 some time ago.


      Now he wanted to look on the new ePO via "remote console" - he also sad he just installed something (no idea what) so that he was able to see the management console - NOT via RDP or any other remote programms!


      You know what i mean? You can help me?





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          Hi serc09,


          I am not sure what your customer has installed but basically beginning with ePO 4.0 we have moved away from the mmc to a web-based architecture which means that you can open ePO from any supported web browser on any client in the environment. No need to download anything.







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            In version 3.x ePO was managed through an MMC and you were able to install the MMC console for remote management.

            This was part of the setup program for ePO.

            Whenever you installs a patch for ePO server, the remote console must been upgraded as well.


            starting with version 4.0, the MMC is not being used anymore and has been replaced by the web interface. Therefore a remote installation of a management console is not needed anymore.

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              THX - knowing that there is an apache server running i should have come to that point on my own - shame on me....