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      Does McAfee have a removal tool for the above?


      I can't seem to find anything but removal tools from other companies.



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          Have you done a full scan with mcafee ? Was the above trojan quarantined in the scan result.










          Dinesh K

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            McAfee didn't catch it.

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              It seems that the infections could be present in any system files,

              Restart the computer & start tapping F8 key, from the advanced boot menu selct safe mode with networking,

              Download the stinger from http://vil.nai.com/vil/stinger/ and run a full scan.









              Dinesh K

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                Stinger found nothing.  It is not desined to find the type of "virus" I have, according to it's virus list.

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                  What named your detection "trojan.win32.startpage.fw"? Did it not have a removal process?


                  About Stinger - It now uses Artemis technology to find many suspicious malware based on internet detections. This means it can potentially find more malware than listed. If you have an up-to-date McAfee AntiVirus, Stinger shouldn't be needed.


                  About virus names - Many of the antivirus companies have different names for specific and generic detections. McAfee might detect "trojan.win32.startpage.fw" as something like "Generic.dx" (for example).


                  About Virus Alerts - Be careful what generates a virus alert. Malware can show you that you are infected with the "sasser.worm" just to throw you off track.


                  If your detection of "trojan.win32.startpage.fw" is correct, you may be able to remove it using MalwareBytes; a free malware repair tool. http://www.malwarebytes.org/mbam-download.php


                  You can also try removing the bad code/program files manually by opening an Administrator Command Prompt and typing the following commands.


                  Close all programs, including Internet Explorer.


                  XP: Click Start, Run, Type in CMD.EXE, click OK

                  Vista/7: Click the Start Orb, Type in CMD, Hold the left SHIFT and CTRL keys, and press ENTER. Confirm the security prompt.


                  WARNING: Mistyping the following commands even by 1 character will cause this method to fail. Incorrect use of these commands may also damage your system. These commands will have no effect if the 2 bad files "MRHOP.DLL" and "MFPLAY.DLL" do not exist.





                  SHUTDOWN /R /T 0 /F



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                    McAfee is up to date and I have the latest version via comcast.  What found the malware is a free program from CA called "Pest Patrol".  Comcast gives that to customers for free.


                    I will try the malware bytes removal tool and see if that works, and report back.  I am hesitant to use a command prompt removal, but I might do it as a last resort.






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                      I thought I mentioned it in my first post, but I am running Windows 7 x64.  Will those commands work?

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                          The Malware progam you linked to found 2 threats.





                          Not the one I wanted.  I will try the commands now.

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