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    Adding Superagents to an Existing EPO Environment

      Does anyone know a good step-by-step guide to adding Superagents to an existing EPO environment?

      We are currently using EPO version 4.0.0 (Build: 1113)

      We want to add 1 - 2 Superagents per subnet for faster and more reliable updates.

      Thank you very much.

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          create a template McAfee agent policy that contains all correct settings.

          Then apply that policy to the machines you want to convert to superagents.


          Once the machines have received their new policy and have reported their new config as superagent back to the ePO server, you can replicate the repository to those machines.


          Depending on the way you have configured your clients to select their repository locations (ping time, subnet or list) yu have to inform your clients that they need to change their repository. That is only required if you have not selected either ping time or subnet value.


          More info can be found in the ePO product guide.