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    .tmp file detections when printing .pdf's from IE


      When Acrobat 9.0 was deployed I began seeing a large number of alerts similar to this, "C:\DOCUME~1\username\LOCALS~1\Temp\Z@RC1.tmp" detected as "Common Standard Protection: Prevent common programs from running files from the Temp folder."  After doing some research I found that anytime someone printed a .pdf file from Internet Explorer, or Outlook using Acrobat 9.0 it would generate an exorbitant amount of these "Z@***.tmp" related files.  Preventing users from printing .pdf's thru Outlook or IE are not viable options, and I've been unsuccessful filtering out these detections since the tmp file name never stays the same other than the "Z@" portion of it.  I have tried excluding "*.tmp" b/c I'm more interested in receiving detections of executables or programs running from the temp folder rather than temp files themselves, however the wild card exclusion hasn't worked.  I have in the "Processes to include" section "iexplore.exe" and "outlook.exe" and am wondering if that's why my wildcard exclusion isn't working.  Whatever the case, I'll give two gold starts to someone if they've had the same issue and can provide me with the fix.  One gold star to anyone else who might have helpful advice regarding how to get these Z@****.tmp files to stop being detected as a common program running files from the temp folder.  Thanks!