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    upgrade vse8.5i to vse 8.7i and manage with epo4.5

      hi all


      i have 100 machines that are currently installed with vse8.5i standalone.

      i want to upgrade them to vse8.7i and manage with ePO4.5.


      may i know if the ePO should be install first , follow by the upgrade or any other recommended method?


      -vse8.5i patch 6,

      -vse8.7i patch 2


      -agent 4





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          Hello DT,


          to make live easy at this point you should install the ePO 4.5 Server first.


          The reason behind this is when the ePO 4.5 Server is up and running you can deploy the McAfee Agent. Having done this the McAfee Agent will communicate with the ePO 4.5 Server and will report details of the machine back in.


          With this you can then set up a product deployment task for the McAfee Agent which will upgrade VSE 8.5 Patch 6 to VSE 8.7 P2 - please make sure to use here the reposted package with patch 2 included just in case you downloaded the packages separately before.


          Having this set up implemeted you will not need to go to every machine and update it manually, which could be a lot of stress keeping in mind we are talking about 100 machines in various locations.





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            i have installed epo4.5 with the database manually installed in a different location. i was not able to use port 80 as agent to server communication port. hence i was not able to communicate properly with clients using wakeup agent function. Must the agent to server communication port be TCP 80 only or it can be configure as per the installation manual ?