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    How to manually upgrade existing CMA 3.6.0 to CMA 3.6.0 Patch4 ?

    Attila Polinger



      We have an updating problem on one Windows NT client running CMA To potentially fix this problem, we would like to upgrade the CMA to (patch 4) without the use of ePO push. We have downloaded CMA 3.6 P4 installation zip from McAfee download site.


      We attempted unzipping the package on the client to a temp folder and running frminst.exe /install=agent /sietinfor=(full path to an existing sitelist.xml), and some installation windo appeared, but it did not upgrade the existing CMA as seen from the agent browser log.


      Can we manually upgrade the CMA on this host using the downloaded package?


      Or can we use our ePO 4 server with this package while we preserve the most current McAfee Agent 4.x in ePO (and its installation set) intact and functioning (for push, for example)?


      Thank you for any advice.