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    PROBLEM: McAfee Slows down Outlook auto-population of emails

      I have been using McAfee Total Protection for several years. On one of my desktops I can't run this software. I have tested this out very thoroughly. When the specific service named McShield is running, then when typing in an email address to Send To in a new message takes FOREVER to populate.


      Outlook uses a file with .NK2 as the extension to store names that are suggested while typing in an email address in the To: or CC/BCC: fields. This file grows as you email more and more people so that the next time you start to type in an email address suggestions will pop up for you to select. This pop up is really really slow with McShield service running; works perfectly simply by turning McShield off. This is on Windows XP, Outlook 2007 and McAfee Total Protection.


      I've already used the exclusions list to exclude all Outlook files and folders and the .NK2 file from real time scanning and this does not solve the issue.


      Has anyone else seen this issue?



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