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    Low-High Risk Policies


      Hi all, I'm using 8.5i and Low & High risk Policies for Processes such as backup .exe files. Under Low/High Risk policies there is the Exclusion button. I've defined all my Exclusions in  the "On Access Default Processes Policy" but I haven't included these exclusion Under the " Low/High Risk policies".  My question is, are all my managed nodes using the exclusion list I've defined in "On Access Default Processes Policy" or do I have to enter all these exclusion in "Low/High Risk Policies" as well??.

      Using ePO version 4.5 for management. Thank you in advance.

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          Processes generally have to be excluded on all process levels.

          See KnowledgeBase article KB58692 (How to create low-risk and high-risk process exclusions in VirusScan Enterprise), Solution 1, second NOTE statement.


          Additional info can also be found in the following articles:


          KB58898 - Understanding VirusScan Enterprise Exclusions

          KB67732 - VirusScan Enterprise exclusions (Master Article)